The Waterside


Our ambition is to
position Belfast as an
exemplar of

At Osborne+Co, we have learned that architects and builders don’t make a place - people do. Our client is the city of Belfast. Our ambition is to position Belfast as an exemplar of positive Placemaking.

But what is Placemaking? It’s the recipe of ingredients that every location needs to succeed. Defining these elements and their proportions is the tricky bit. That’s why we have created a pioneering, entirely unique Placemaking strategy for Belfast, which is based on three cornerstones:

+ 1

Connecting with the people of Belfast.

+ 2

Contributing to the global appeal of Belfast as a place to do business.

+ 3

Convening with industry and academia.

The 16 acre site was once a place of incredible industry. It was where Samuel Cleland Davidson invented the radial fan - a ventilation system that was created through trial and error and went against everything more educated engineers thought possible. The radial fan soon became a global export, making Belfast famous at the end of the 19th Century.

We want to put the site back to work. We have started by asking what the people who live and work in Belfast really need. The consistent answers so far have been jobs, homes and industry for the 21st Century. Click here to see our Progress so far.