The Waterside


BEON is a transfer of
energy in and around
The Waterside.

BEON is changing the current - transforming a blank canvas in Belfast’s city centre into a place for people by opening doors and building bridges.

Steered by Osborne+Co, BEON began as a collection of thoughts and ideas from local people, businesses, educators, creatives and tech leaders. It’s a sharing of ambition, a realisation of an opportunity to shape Belfast as the people want it.

Soon, this build up of potential energy will find a release on site. During the development phase, BEON will headline a series of meanwhile activities that will allow communities of creatives, young people and businesses to congregate, connect and contribute.

As the site matures, BEON will have a physical home. A space dedicated to training and generating talent, a place where ideas can be tested, developed and shaped without fear of failure. It is our ambition that the talent emerging from BEON will find employment in the many businesses in The Waterside, bringing a constant stream of opportunity for Belfast’s nearby commercial sector.

In this way, BEON is much more than a building, it’s an ethos of positive, progressive change that brings opportunity in its wake.

BEON is placemaking without the patronising. It’s Osborne+Co having the desire to make The Waterside by being switched on to what people here in Belfast want and need, not what a developer tells them they need. #BeBrilliantBelfast