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Brilliant Belfast

Belfast is one of the
most productive
business centres for
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finance in the world.

Brilliant Belfast

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Brilliant Belfast

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Brilliant Belfast


Brilliant Belfast



Belfast is the driver of the Northern Ireland economy with: 218,478 jobs in the city, 10,100 VAT registered businesses, £35,791 GVA per head.

One of the best regional UK cities to start a new business (Start-ip Cities Index 2017)

Salary costs are lower than the rest of the UK, and around 30% lower than other European cities such as London, Dublin and Paris.


There are 895 international companies located in

Northern Ireland, employing over 99,000 people.

There has been 34 new projects and 1,622 new jobs created as a result of FDI to Northern Ireland in 2016-17.

Belfast is the second most successful city in the UK (after London) at attracting US tradeable services FDI projects.

75% of international companies have reinvested or plan to expand

Belfast is one of Europe’s top 10 small cities for FDI strategy (Financial Times, FDi European Cities of the Future 2018)


Northern Ireland has the highest achieving primary school pupils in Europe in major international tests in maths.

Northern Ireland was the top performing region in the UK for GCSE’s and A Levels in 2017.

79.5% of Northern Ireland pupils achieved grades A - C at GCSE level (66.3% national average). 30.4% of Northern Ireland pupils achieved grades A - A at A Level (26.3% national average).

30,000 students are enrolled at Belfast Metropolitan College (BMC), the largest college in Northern Ireland.

48,490 students at Queen’s Unversity Belfast (QUB) (part of the Russell group) and Ulster University (UU)..


Northern Ireland has the highest proportion of start-ups reaching one million pounds in revenues within three years. (Enterprise research Council 2016)

The three year survival rate of indigenous firms in Belfast is 55.3%, higher than the UK average of 54.4%. (ERC, 2016)

Brilliant Belfast - Here’s some statistics to prove it

‘Belfast is #1 city for remote workers and digital nomads.'

2018 report on best cities fro digital nomads to live, Spotahome

‘Belfast is the most business-friendly small city in the world.’

2018 FDI Intelligence Report Financial Times

‘Belfast has been named one of the world’s Top 10 Digital Economies of the future.’

Economies of the Future 2018

‘Belfast is Europe’s leading destination of new software development projects.’

FDi Markets, FT